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AAAP 510 |   FALL 2018

The First Evangelical Church, now called the Korean Church, was built in 1905 on the corner of 10th and Clay in Portland, Oregon. The building has undergone a variety of name changes and owners since 1905 and currently sits vacant. The exterior facade and windows are the focus of this condition assessment. The windows are original to 1905, with slight moderation's over time. The siding underwent a complete replacement in 1980 for unknown reasons. Due to poor maintenance and environmental factors, the church has experienced degradation in a variety of forms including biological, ultraviolet, and moisture related damage. The goal of this assessment is to develop a proposal to guide the restoration of the Korean Church’s facade.


The building is a two-story, Twentieth-Century Gothic style, brick and wood siding building. A bell tower sits at the southeast corner, which offsets from the rest of the structure. The foundation of the building is common bond brick stretching from below grade to ten (10) feet above grade. This characteristic is on three of the elevations; west, south, and east facades. Above the brick is white, horizontal siding which extends up to the pitched roof.

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