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When spaces for residents are in high demand, designers and the public build up. In many cities, building vertical is the only solution due to spacial restraints. Multi-story residential towers dominate downtown Vancouver. Although they fulfill the challenge of providing space for urban residents. Do they support the right quality of life? Permeable integrations challanges the traditional view of a high-rise, multi-use residential towers and brings a new sense of community down to a more mid-rise scale.


Instead of offering residents a bird's eye view, Permeable Integrations grows out. Spread across the site, and gracefully dips into the ground. The entire site design is intentionally permeable, drawing pedestrians into the heart of the street; where an open, adaptable plaza offers an array of shops selling local artisan foods and goods. Adaptable outdoor spcae will attract the residents of Vancouver by designing an inviting environment. The artisan shops activate the site socially and economically prviding opportunities for local entrepeneurs and consumers. The bike hub encourages an alternative mode of transportation within the urban fabric. Residential spaces within the building provide affordable living arragnements and creates a unique space to thrive in.

ARCH 302  |   SPRING 2016
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